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Depression manifests in various ways and its signs vary from person to person:

It may look like wanting to lie in bed all day or not having any sleep,

It may look like stuffing your face while lying on the coach or barely having a cup of water,

It may look like making impulsive decisions or constant indecisiveness,

It may look like crying yourself swollen or making jokes about everything,

It may look like obsessively holding onto people or locking yourself away for long periods.

If you or someone you know feels weak and sick all the time despite lying down all day,

Are constantly frustrated and on edge,

Are constantly overwhelmed with feelings of guilt, doubt and imagined failures,

And maybe along the way you’ve thought of harming yourself or had suicidal ideations;

It’s time to seek professional help, where a psychologist or therapist can accurately diagnose your symptoms and provide you with medication or therapy and at times both.

As a parting note: Remember to take care of your body and mind as it’s the only place you can’t vacate.

Veronicah Ndiritu,

Psychologist Intern, Amrec Kenya.

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