Amrec Kenya

Our Vision

A premier, up-to standard mental health care and rehabilitation service provider in Kenya, capable of meeting and exceeding quality service provided to our clients and their loved ones.

Our Mission

To provide the best quality, evidence based and compassionate rehabilitation and training services to our clients, their loved ones and others in need, through interconnected services aimed towards exceptional service for best clinical outcomes.

Our Beliefs

  • Addiction is a disease caused by complex interaction between a combination of biological, psychological, social and spiritual determinants.
  • Addiction is primary, progressive, chronic and fatal illness which is incurable but treatable.
  • Addiction treatment is best done through a multi-faceted approach by a professional multi-disciplinary team
  • Addiction treatment is a lifetime process and is more effective when therapeutic community model is adopted.
  • Addiction treatment is best when the identified individual and significant others are taken through the process
  • We recognize the importance of support systems beyond rehabilitation
  • Treatment is mostly involuntary, but recovery is purely voluntary.
  • For co-occurring disorders, pharmacotherapy is an important element in the treatment process. Prescribed medications are continuously monitored by accredited staff during the treatment process.
  • Treatment is individualized to suit each and every client’s needs.
  • Effective treatment addresses not only  a client’s addiction problem, but also his psychosocial and spiritual mal-adjustments
  • Detoxification and withdrawal syndrome management is only the first stage of addiction treatment and by itself does not change long term drug use.
  • Treatment programs should provide help for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases, and should provide counseling to help patients modify or change behaviors that place themselves or others at risk of infection.
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