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According to the DSMV, Schizoid Personality disorder is a pattern of detachment from social relationships and a restricted range of emotional expression.

Manifestation and identification

According to the DSMV, symptoms of SPD manifest from early adulthood until the present time. There are some symptoms they exhibit that may suggest they are suffering from SPD.


The signs and symptoms

  1. A person with SPD lacks interest in social or personal relationships with people and they prefer keeping to themselves.
  2. They have a limited range of emotional expression with people; they would rather keep their feelings to themselves.
  3. They find it hard to find joy or pleasure in most activities. They do not like sports, arts, music, or even other physical games. Most of the time, they like to do something that not everyone is interested in.
  4. They are unable to pick up normal social cues, what we call reading the room. The atmosphere might be jovial, but they will not express any emotion that aligns with that.
  5. Most of the time they tend to come as cold, detached, and indifferent to others; loners.
  6. They are not moved by the appreciation or disapproval of others.

How family and friends can help someone with a Schizoid personality

  1. Living with a disorder is not an easy thing, but, avoiding judgment and choosing to listen when they disclose information about their disorder can really play a big way in understanding what they go through.
  2. Take the time to educate yourself more about schizoid personality disorder and the symptoms associated with it.
  3. The virtue of patience is key, it is important to be patient and understanding with them.
  4. It is important to also encourage treatment from a trained practitioner who can help with their learning techniques and coping strategies.
  5. It is also important to learn to adjust your expectations by focusing on less emotionally demanding experiences and activities since the person will always be limited in terms of intimacy and social relationships.
  6. To reduce the pressure on them, you can find ways of changing the focus of the relationship you share since what you hoped for might not be able to be achieved.


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Lemu Wanjiku,

Counselling Psychologist,

AMREC Kenya.

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