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The disease of addiction impacts both the individual and their loved ones. In most cases the individual may fail to notice or even know they are in addiction, or whether they need any kind of help. Their family and loved ones bear with the pain, disappointment, worry and fear.

At first, there are the obvious signals, but they may not want to believe that their loved one could be in some form of addiction or may not know whether the changes in behavior patterns, moods or physical appearance are in any way related to addiction. The family and loved ones could be in denial of the true facts, and star having resentments or hidden and unsolved conflicts with their loved one.

What to Look out for:

  • Physical changes

When one is in addiction, physical changes are the most noticeable signs. They often devote most of their time in seeking an using the drug and in turn start to neglect their hygiene habit, sleeping, and exercising routines are forgotten. This neglect can be visible in weight changes and overall appearance.

  • Changes in Behavior

Possible behavior changes include; losing interest in things that are important to them, uncharacteristic mood swings which can be severe, being more secretive, changes in hobbies and company.

Behavioral changes could be a sign of cooccurring mental health disorders.

  • Changes in performance

Addiction dominates people’s lives and obtaining and using drugs becomes the priority to the individual. They live behind schoolwork, employment and even the family.

People in addiction can be late or miss workdays or school. They may also lie or steal from their friends and family in order to sustain their habits.  They may also loose their job, leave education and struggle with other aspects of life.

Drug addiction affects more than just the user. It damages relationships, strains family life, work and education. The family and loved ones of the person struggling with addiction may feel frustrated and helpless. However, there is hope because addiction is treatable, and recovery is possible for everyone.

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